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ProGauntlet is a protective exoskeleton for the hand, designed to provide the best combination of impact & thrust protection and motoric freedom. This glove was developed by a team of passionate martial artists-engineers with one purpose:

To enable martial artists to safely bring out the best of their performance in training and competition by getting rid of the severe limitations of common protective gloves.


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    The ProGauntlet was engineered from scratch, using the moving human hand as a foundation and extensive studies of material science and impact mechanics. The result is a one-of-a-kind glove that has many unique features and qualities that make a big difference for your safety and performance.

    Optimal impact reduction

    Smart geometry hard shell elements combined with shock absorbing layers.

    Puncture resistant Dyneema Inner glove

    Specialised Inner glove made with 800N thrust resistant Dyneema on the palm side.

    Biomechanical design

    Overlapping hard shell segments let you move smoothly without strain and protect the hand in all positions.

    Modular & renewable parts

    Improving customer fit and product lifespan.

    Premium Service
    for a Premium Product

    Something wrong
    with your ProGauntlet?
    We got you covered!

    Nothing lasts forever. Especially if you regularly beat it with swords. Should something wear out on your ProGauntlet, no need to buy a whole new pair!

    Our glove was designed in such a way that every single part can be taken out and replaced. If you have small issues that can be fixed at home, we will send you spare parts. Need bigger repairs? We will fix your gloves for you in no time. 

    Let us take care of your ProGauntlet, while you take care of your martial art.

    This service is free untill one year after delivery. After one year CG Premium Service can be extended for a fee.

    What our

    Customers say

    Jack Gassman

    "It seems the ProGauntlet is the first Pay-to-win product in HEMA"

    Skallagrim Skallagrim Youtube

    "They are easily the most well-designed gauntlets I've ever encountered. They are easily the best in terms of mobility vs protection."

    Dave Rawlings London Longsword Academy

    "They are absolutely fascinating. Real works of engineering. Absolutely fantastic to look at."

    Bryant Coston Sticks N' Steel Youtube

    "I have full mobility, full dexterity, and the protection was really good in sparring. These are just excellent."

    Mathew Jay Kortuem Mathew Jay Kortuem

    “The ProGuantlet felt like magic, honestly. Light and nimble”

    Oskar ter Mors Virtual Fechtschule

    “The Mobility is great! it feels like I am not wearing gloves at all. The production is good. More time is needed to prove durability but spare parts are available.”